Green Action Fund Five Pillars

  1. Reduction of ecological footprint

    Submissions propose methods to reduce the ecological footprint of our campus through projects that will either a) change campus physical operations b) promote sustainable behavior among UCCS students and/or c) raise awareness about sustainability. Projects will demonstrate a decrease in our ecological footprint by targeting the following arenas of sustainability: energy sources, carbon emissions, recycling and waste, water and energy usage, food, individual behavior, social equity, living systems (biodiversity), pollution or other arenas proven to be of importance in sustainability and reducing our campus ecological footprint.

  2. Increased student involvement

    Projects demonstrate a clear initiative to engage students. Student involvement opportunities include, but are not limited to: volunteerism, planning and project management, skills training, research, leadership roles, advocacy, or student jobs. Projects should aim to create social cohesion, ideally across an interdisciplinary environment, by demonstrating an active involvement of students.

  3. Education and outreach

    Projects demonstrate a clear contribution to educating others about sustainability. Education and outreach opportunities include, but are not limited to: course integration, knowledge sharing, outreach events and programs, campaigning, independent studies. Projects provide a visual representation and raise the profile of sustainability on campus. Additionally, projects would provide linkages between UCCS and the greater community. Advertising and publicity must focus on raising awareness among students at UCCS.

  4. Long-term feasibility

    Projects will demonstrate a clear plan for the project term from start to finish and identify opportunities for sustained operation by working closely with members of facilities, administration and/or faculty. Proposals demonstrate an awareness of long term needs to ensure a sustained impact of this project on campus physical operations or individual behavior.

  5. Scope of impact at UCCS

    Projects demonstrate a broad impact by integrating sustainable practices with increased student involvement and education. Proposals will assess the number of students impacted by the project as well as summarize quantifiable economic and environmental benefits.