Alpine Village CFL Retrofit

Informational poster on the CFL retrofit benefits

Alpine Village CFL Retrofit

Spring 2013 - Energy
Keenan Samuelson and Clayton Sanders

Project Overview

Our project will not only save UCCS money, it will help our campus culture move towards more sustainable practices.  We may then use our sustainability oriented culture as a way to attract students and increase enrollment rates.  Although students will not be directly involved, they will be living in a more sustainable manner, of which they will be made aware.  Our project will give students the opportunity to understand that a sustainable culture is made one step at a time, which gives them the ability to take these concepts off campus. 

Beyond this, UCCS will be saving energy costs and reducing our ecological footprint.  We plan on recycling the current incandescent bulbs; the CFL bulbs that will be replacing them can also be recycled (here on campus, even).  CFL bulbs need to be replaced less often and use a lower wattage to produce the same lumens, which not only decreases UCCS’ energy costs but also maintenance time and costs.