Clyde's Cupboard Fresh Food Program

Clyde at Clyde's Cupboard

Clyde's Cupboard Fresh Food Program

Fall 2018 - Food + Community

Project Overview

Clyde's Cupboard is a 100% donation based and non-need based food pantry that provides free food and toiletries for all enrolled UCCS students. Through the support of the Green Action Fund, we implemented our Fresh Food Program and the Reusable Tote Bag Program. The primary goal of the Fresh Food Program is to provide fresh produce, such as fresh fruit and vegetables to UCCS students. This will provide a healthier and more sustainable option that students can choose to use when visiting Clyde's Cupboard. The primary goal of the Reusable Tote Bag Program is to provide students a way to carry their food from Clyde's Cupboard without having a stigma of using a food pantry, and opting out of using a plastic bag. The goal of this specific program is to reduce our waste with plastic bags but to also encourage sustainable behavior by encouraging students to use reusable bags. 

Learn more about Clyde's Cupboard and hours of operation here.