Dwire Lighting

Staircase in Dwire Hall with new lighting

Dwire Lighting

Spring 2015 - Energy

Project Overview

By doing this project we are able to reduce the overall Watts required to light both of the back emergency stairwells in Dwire Hall. Currently the lights in the stairwells are lit 100% of the time at full watts using T8 bulbs. We are interested in changing the lights that would reduce the power to 5% of the watts capacity during non-use (while still maintaining fire code). The new proposed lights use sound to trigger the lights to brighten while someone is using the stairwell. This would provide a savings to UCCS and a reduction to the overall footprint. Also the illumination would be a sheet of LED lights which use a lower Voltage and much longer life expectance from 2 years to an infinite amount of years. The drivers, which cost $50 will need to be replaced approximately every 15.

The new units have strip LEDs and thus will not need bulb replacements. T8 bulbs are $3.50 each needing replaced every 2 years. In 20 years you would need to replace 20 bulbs (for six units). This would cost approximately $420 (3.50x20=$70x6(units)=$420). Thus you are saving $420 over 20 years not including labor cost.