Hang Up & Hang Out Hammocks

Students and faculty enjoying the hammocks at an Earth Day event

Hang Up & Hang Out Hammocks

Spring 2013 - Mindfulness + Energy
Andrea Hassler, Lena Lugnoni, and Hillary Fuller

Project Overview

In today’s day in age, we are constantly fighting the daunting reality of climate change. From extensive droughts, to wildfires, hurricanes, and record temperatures. The symptoms of a changing climate have impacted the entire world at varying capacities. Leading scientists have shown that human activity has had an impact on climate change. Our energy production emits vast amounts of carbon emissions and greenhouses gases, pushing our climate further off kilter. The best and brightest of our generation are dedicating their lives to seeking alternative means to provide energy for our developing human populations. Often we are stuck in the debate of whether the newest technology is efficient enough to mitigate climate change, when in reality this is only part of the problem.

The other part is the lifestyles we choose to lead that require electricity and are replacing those activities which do not. This project seeks to spread an important message: when you can’t find the right alternative, you need to assess to the extent to which you engage in activities at the source the problem. In this case, we must reevaluate our energy consumption not through relative measures of this number of kilowatts or that, but rather any kilowatts at all. We are therefore requesting to purchase 10 hammocks and associated equipment to be used at the upcoming Earth Day event and subsequent events or rental programs. Each hammock will be equipped with information regarding the importance of students taking time to “hang up, hang out” and decrease our ecological footprint.