KFL Reusable Tote Bags

KFL reusable tote bag

KFL Reusable Tote Bags

Fall 2015 - Zero Waste

Project Overview

In the Spring of 2015 a UCCS student movement seeking to eliminate plastic bags from the campus Bookstore created a display outside the library on the El Pomar Plaza. This prompted discussions in the Kraemer Family Library (KFL) about replacing the re-used plastic grocery bags that are provided to KFL patrons upon checkout of multiple materials, heavy materials, and/or materials on snowy and rainy days. An idea was brought forth from the Circulation Department to Team Green, to acquire re-usable tote bags for use by UCCS library patrons in transporting library materials. These bags would be checked out to library patrons as library materials with a check-out period of 3 days (not renewable), an initial 20 bags would be circulated to users.

From November 9, 2015-December 9, 2016, circulation statistics show 263 bag checkouts, an average of 20 checkouts per month.  Our previous report to the Green Action Fund showed 147 checkouts as of August 13, 2016.  No additional bags were lost/damaged since our last report so we remain with a total of two bags billed as lost or damaged and $15 collected to date for the lost/damaged bags.  98 bags remain in KFL possession and approximately 2-8 bags circulate at a time (difference of summer circulation vs. academic semester circulation).