Primary Source Speaker and Film

Primary Source Poster

Primary Source Speaker and Film

Spring 2016-Education + Environmental Justice + Student Engagement

Project Overview

The film "The Primary Source: Running the Rio Marañón" is an inspirational adventure-based documentary of a group of boaters exploring the Rio Marañón, the primary source of water to the Amazon River. The filmmakers were graduates of Colorado Mesa University accompanied by their former professor, Dr. Chad Thatcher, and Sierra Rios, a local river conservation organization. During their expedition on the river, known as “The Grand Canyon of the Amazon” the group meets with local villagers to raise awareness of current proposals by the Peruvian government to establish 15-22 dams along the river with potential threats to local villages, aquatic habitat and the ecosystem. The film is an inspiration to outdoor enthusiasts and environmental activists who want to protect wild places and prevent environmental injustice. Additionally, it is an inspiration to students from all walks of life to have a positive impact on the planet.

The request was for funding for the film screening and guest speaker. Dr. Thatcher spoke before and after the film. Thatcher specializes in student engagement, outdoor adventure and environmental sustainability. He is a passionate and motivational speaker, encouraging students to find their passion, purpose and destiny. His model for outdoor adventure encourages personal development and leadership skills acquisition. Graduates from his programs have gone on to work for NASA, start-up non-profits, community building and more. Regardless of degree or career choice, Dr. Thatcher's inspirational message encouraged our student body to follow their dreams and help to make the world a better place.