Ski/Snowboard Ecowaxer

ecowaxer equipment seen through a window outside SOLE Center

Ski/Snowboard Ecowaxer

Fall 2020-Zero Waste

Project Overview

The goal of the Sustainable EcoWaxer Program is to provide students, faculty, staff, and community with a more sustainable, environmentally healthy way to wax their skis and boards. A very large percentage of the UCCS Campus Community either skis or snowboards. The traditional method of waxing produces an excess of scraped wax that gets sent to landfills, causing dangerous fumes that the waxer can risk inhaling, and can produce a wax layer on ski and snowboards that will come off the ski and into the snowpack and waterways.  The Wax Future by Winterstiger reduces all these negative impacts, and when it's used in conjunction with Purl Eco-wax, it can greatly reduce the impact of waxing on the environment and its participants.

Check out the SOLE Center to learn how and where to use this new machine!